A household of computers – one family’s journey

An Except of the article, published in Mothering Matters: http://motheringmatters.ch



(Missy M pokes at the camera screen and attempts to swipe.)

“Mummy? It’s broken! Look!”

“Sweetheart, not everything is touch screen.”

“Why not?”


I hesitate to write this, because the topic of technology and children is highly controversial, and each family varies in its approach. Consequently, there is a lot of judgement between generations, between families (and even within, as family members often hold different values), and among cultures.

As an expat in Switzerland, I find there is an added layer of complexity: we rely heavily on technology to keep in touch with family and friends. We use our computers to Skype, e-mail, Facebook, watch the latest television shows, and read English newspapers. We navigate strange and wonderful Swiss cities with Google Maps and our books are delivered in seconds to our Kindles. We have a lot of screen time in our family.


Missy M experiments with my iPhone……


Read the rest of the article here: http://motheringmatters.ch/a-household-of-computers-one-familys-journey/

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