Born Happy School
How to feel grateful even when you hate your life…

Where I talk about the misunderstandings we have about gratitude in our lives and how to allow yourself to experience more!

Show notes:

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The 3 Principles: How Far Are You Willing To Go?

I was lucky to be interviewed by Jeff at 3 Principles Supermind on the topic of how, when we look at a world constructed entirely of thought, how far are you willing to take it?

Also available on the Supermind website for free!

Here are two testimonials about the webinar:

“Exellent and heart warming! Thanks Tammy – one of the brightest experiences for me in a long time”

“Fabulous session! Loads of great stuff here from the “danger” of labels, how do you know it’s your hand you are looking at? To clutter memories and transformational comedy. Thanks Tammy.”

Getting Naked with the Principles!!!

My most intimate and scary interview to date!

Ice Cream for the Soul with Yoga Mark

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Ice Cream 4 the Soul on BlogTalkRadio

Good Morning! It’s 0600, what’s the O stand for? OMG it’s early!

Daft observations about clock changes

Dialogues around death with Gillian Fox

Well folks, this was a very difficult conversation for me and I honestly have no idea how it went, as I can’t bear to play it back……. but here it is



“The Amazing Disappearing Mum: losing yourself in parenting”,

where I explore how us mums lose our identity in the parenting process and how discover our true authentic identity.


Being interviewed by the lovely Gillian Fox for her series: 3 Principles Practitioners around the world



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