At the School gates: Bad Behaviour, being rude and losing connection


Here is something I have been pondering awhile:

Why, when I collect Missy M from Kindergarten can she be rude, abrupt and a little weird/ cold?

Then I got it. We needed to re-establish our connection to one another. We are apart from one another, life  happens, and we both need a little time to feel our connection to each other, to get back into each other’s rhythm. It’s not bad behaviour. It’s not rudeness. It is the need to get out of our heads, forget what we WERE doing, and feel the moment, feel the love and connection. If I am really lucky, I might also score a yummy hug.


So next time your child is displaying “bad behaviour”, navigate by your feelings:

– Do you have a heart connection in the moment?
(I will give you a hint, for those that don’t speak ‘hippy’: do you feel yummy towards your child, or do you have the urge to yell?!)

– Can you work on your own connection, rather than the behaviour of your child? Many things may have happened to your child in the course of the school day, and that may be still on their mind, resulting in lack of presence, bad behaviour and snappy language!

– What can YOU let go of, that will get you out of your own way to connect? You can only control what goes on inside your own head, so how can YOU be more present and open?

Change yourself first and being the parent – the leader – your child will often follow.

And you may just score that hug.


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