Is Blue Monday real?

Is Blue Monday real?

Today, apparently, is Blue Monday!

Blue Monday was originally identified in 2005 by academic Cliff Arnall, who thought it fell on the last full week of January, although web analysis shows it is today! Hurrah! Arnall believed that the combination of the weather, debt, post-Christmas over-the-belt bulge, and post-christmas blues.

Surely that is a reason to be blue?

Well, no!

Blue Monday relies on one simple idea: that our circumstances influence our feelings.

I would ask of you this: challenge that assumption! We are not puppets who, when circumstances appear bad, jerk as our strings are pulled.

I would love you to consider the opposite:  it is our thinking that creates our feelings. It may appear as if the outside is causing our low mood, but really it is our thinking about January and post-Christmas, that causes our blues.  Does this mean you should stare at the grey winter skies, half close your eyes and pretend they are Caribbean blue? Or look at your bank balance and pretend that minus symbol is a plus? No. But know that these things have no power over you. They do not hold your happiness ransom. You may have some funky thinking about them, and what it might mean for you, but the secret is: you don’t have to take that thinking seriously. Get light about it! Grey skies? Pffffff! Back to work? Pffffffff!!! There goes the noisy thinking in the mind again! Pfffff!

January may appear to get you down.
This Monday might look blue.
Your core, who you truly are,
Will always be Caribbean Blue

Now that’s the type of Blue Monday we can all embrace (even with a terrible ditty!)

“Can you live with all the ups and downs of the human experience and still be conscious of, and nurtured by, the truth of who you are?  YES! Awakening is not just for the sages of the past sitting on a mountaintop. It is for you”

Blue Monday getting you down? Contact me, and together we can find a way through:

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