Cosmic Love Notes

Cosmic Love Notes

I suspect that we are all recipients of cosmic love notes. Messages, omens, voices, cries, revelations, and appeals are homogenised into each day’s events. If only we knew how to listen, to read the signs.

Sam Keen. The Passionate Life: Stages of Loving, 1983


I invite you to spend a few days, or even a week, looking for signs of Cosmic Love Notes from the universe just to you. Why do I request such a hippy thing of you, dear reader? Why should I put you through such embarrassment? This is an invitation to open up to all that life has to offer you, whether it is Valentine’s Week or not. Witness the fear that may be arising at such a thought…..what if there are no love notes out there, what if you are unloved? Hogwash! Impossible!

How would it feel to have Love Notes be delivered to you all the time? Where can you find them? They dwell between and within the things that you are grateful for: in that music that drifts on the breeze to your ears; to the bright bird that scares the hell out of you by exploding from the bush; from the amazing cup of coffee/tea that you cup in your hands; to the sun glinting off the water; to the smile from the stranger; to the person that lets you through the door or into the flow of traffic. The more you look for Cosmic Love Notes, the more that you will notice that they are being delivered to you all the time. Read the signs. Feel the love.

Your children are also giving you their own Love Notes. Some are more obvious (like the photo at the start of this ramble) whilst others may appear more ordinary but are just as powerful. We can grow so used to receiving these tiny packages of love, that if we are not careful, we can fail to notice them. It can be as small as a toddler offering half a soggy biscuit or a worm to a carefully (or not so carefully!) drawn picture or a freshly picked flower (or a wilted mess!). Acknowledge these, to your children and (this is a little harder) to you. You are a parent and you are loved.

I also invite you to be a radical instigator of Cosmic Love Notes! Sneak love notes into your children’s lunch boxes! On top of pillows. Into coat pockets. Arrange food beautiful ways. Give tiny flowers, give winks, give hugs, give tears.

Love is ours. Each and every day. Not just Valentine’s Day. You just have to keep looking for it: keep staying open to it. You are loved. Always.