Dustin Hoffman and Tootsie: a very personal and surprising insight

There has been a video clip that has been doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media outlets this week that I wanted to write about – but probably not for the reasons you think.


I am not going to talk about what this means about the life of being a woman; I am not going to talk about the male and female perspectives, or gender at all.

What I see is a little different. What I see is a person who has experienced an incredible and very personal insight. The tears in his eyes are so real as he struggles to put into words what he saw at a very deep level.

I work as a 3 Principles Practitioner, and we talk about personal Insights into the nature of the universe and Insights into our lives, when we have clarity of mind. I still cannot tell you exactly what Dustin Hoffman saw (and this explains the popularity on social media, as people put their own meaning on his words), and that for me is a mark of a true insight – it is so personal it is beyond words, yet it changes our whole life.

This is what I see. And it is beautiful and an honour to witness.

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