Expat life

Expat Life


Is being an expat not as easy as you thought? Is it putting pressure on your family life? Does it just feel darn HARD at times? I know the feeling! I’m an expat Brit, living in St. Gallen, Switzerland so the whole booglement at expat life tends to creep into my blogging! I also a regular column called Expat Corner for Mothering Matters, a Parenting Magazine for English Speakers in Switzerland and wrote this for Hello Switzerland: – Relocating with children and this for Geneva Diaries: – “Help your expat kids cope”.

Expat Relocation to Switzerland: 10 things to pack

What you need to know before your expat relocation / move to Switzerland with your family and children. You know the whirlwind of chaos that is a move? Double it for an international expat relocation! We arrived with the very un-useful: half used bottles of cleaner; gardening things (no garden!); three bookcases of books and missed the useful: cake tins; muffin trays; picture frames; and... read more

The Forever Future of the Summer (Mothering Matters)

“The Forever Future of the Summer” has been published in the Mothering Matters Magazine. Below is a little snippet to whet your appetite! June 2016 “Isn’t it curious how there are certain times of year that are designated as periods of... read more

Looking for happiness in all the wrong places (Mothering Matters article)

This article was first publish by Mothering Matters as part of the ‘expat corner’ column, Feb 2016. http://motheringmatters.ch/looking-for-happiness/ Some of us arrived in this fair land with a suitcase or the contents of a shipping container. My family, however, arrived with 90% of the contents of our English cottage in a giant overland... read more

Leading a Merry Dance (Mothering Matters)

Here’s a sneaky peek at the Christmas edition of my latest column for Mothering Matters: Leading a Merry Dance: an Expats’ Guide to Christmas “There are many shoulds that are wrapped around the Christmas holidays like glitzy, cheap wrapping... read more

Stress Free Christmas

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to a group of warm, funny, lovely mums, just north of Zurich this week. The topic of my talk was Stress and Christmas. I thought the topic so relevant, and hopefully useful, that I decided to share it here with you.… read more

Sleepless in St Gallen, Switzerland

There appeared to be a conspiracy last night to keep sleep from me. By 1.30am I had switched bedrooms to escape the sleep-talking husband’s nocturnal adventures, only to be woken at 3.30am by Missy M’s screams that her toy dog (an actual toy, rather than a tiny dog that looks like a toy) had fallen out of... read more

Help your Expat Kids Cope

I had the privilege to have a guest blog published in the Geneva Family Diaries today: “Oh, they’ll be fine! Children are amazing aren’t they? They just soak up languages like a sponge” I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard... read more

The expat’s guide to unpacking

Expat’s move a lot and so we unpack a lot. It is just part of our bizarre lives! Some expats are pros at this (my friend Nessa is awe inspiring when it comes to getting the family possessions into overseas crates!).… read more

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: Becoming an expat

Coaching can produce the most amazing results. The process can help uncover the most well buried passions and dreams, and help design your life into something truly inspiring. Are these statements marketing pitches? Are they crafted to make you pick up the phone and book an appointment... read more
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