The Forever Future of the Summer (Mothering Matters)

The Forever Future of the Summer (Mothering Matters)

“The Forever Future of the Summer”

has been published in the Mothering Matters Magazine. Below is a little snippet to whet your appetite!

June 2016

“Isn’t it curious how there are certain times of year that are designated as periods of enjoyment? We pile all our expectations into the basket of “summer,” “Easter,” and “Christmas” holiday seasons and declare that these are the times when we will enjoy ourselves, have fun and slow down. The children will be angels, the extended family will be adorable, and thank goodness there is no school. We hold these “truths” of the future in our heads and cling to them for dear life as we try to shepherd everyone out of the front door to make it “on-time” to wherever our stressed-out bodies are supposed to be.

The future is set, and it is called “holidays.” This is where the good stuff happens. The life raft on the sea of crazy.

Hum. No pressure then, huh?”



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