Do you have Gratitude Fatigue?

Do you have Gratitude Fatigue?

What is Gratitude Fatigue?
Where does it come from and is it contagious

Working in the Gratitude field, I haven’t been the first to notice that after a while clients were telling me “I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling!“. They had been happily doing their gratitude practices and then suddenly they just couldn’t get their gratitude ya-Yas going on! The same practices were not generating the same beautiful feelings.
I diagnosed them with “Gratitude Fatigue”!
They were at first alarmed! Is it contagious? What did I do wrong? How do I get rid of it?

So what exactly is it?

The state you find yourself why you think you have written everything you can ever say about ‘things to be grateful for’.

1. It’s normal! Many people experience this when they have a formal gratitude practice!

2. It’s a real scientific thing (rather  than something I made up whilst day dreaming). Robert Emmons discusses how they have found that study subjects, after a period of time, slow or stop their gratitude practices.

3. It can be overcome! Hurrah!

A. Be more specific! If you are thankful for your milkman (to create a crazy example) what exactly is it about him or her that you are grateful for? Break it down into as many parts as possible.

B. Be aware of the element of surprise! Surprise (and the awareness of its role in gratitude) will deepen your experience of gratitude. Things and events that appear in your life suddenly and for little reason as more likely to be received with gratitude than those things that are expected.


Consider this alternative:

Have you grown out of your gratitude practice?

This isn’t a bad thing! It’s fab! A gratitude practice, in this author’s humble opinion, is the first stage in supporting you to discover and experience the gratitude that is naturally yours. It is a tool.

You may be experiencing gratitude fatigue in your practice but your day to day experience of gratitude may be dramically increased! Hurrah! You have graduated gratitude practice! How beautiful! Congratulations!


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