Gratitude games for children: the “I Like” game

Gratitude games for children: the “I Like” game

I Like!

At the request of a client, I will be including activities that we can do with our children around the theme of gratitude. Being a coach for parents, how could I resist? Plus, this gives me a great excuse to play with my greatest teacher: my daughter!

As adults, we like to kid ourselves that we need to teach our children this strange thing called “gratitude”, yet we often find that it is actually our children who are way way better at this than we are!  But soon, far too soon, their mental chatter will start to down out their natural ability to look around them and say “WOW”! They start to buy into the seriousness, busyness and stress of the adult world. If only they knew how much of our adult lives we spend trying to get back this childlike state of Wowment!

Playing gratitude games can help us as adults see the world through the eyes of a child, whilst our children can see how valued their observation and appreciation is.

Where to Play

Out walking or travelling in a car or train (not a super fast one, as everything is a blur!!!).

How to Play

The “I Like” game is perfect game when you are out and about with your children or grandchildren.
It uses the observational elements of “I Spy” and builds up as you walk. It also creates a beautiful feeling of connection between the players.

One adult and one or more children.
This can also be played between two adults or even in your head!

An example of the gratitude game:

Player One:
“I Like ……..”
….the colour of that red truck”.

Player Two:
“Oh that truck? Yes it is very shiny!
My Turn?
“I Like …….
those yellowy flowers in that garden”

Player One:
“Oh yes! They are the same type as the ones in front of our house!”
My Turn …………. “I Like……….”


And so on! The only rule is that you have to be able to see it, or smell it (as we came across some wonderful pine needles, so we voted to include smells!). As you can see from the above example, it is nice to be able to comment on each others objects of appreciation. This helps embed the feeling of gratitude and you each player to feel appreciated as well!

Have fun and let me know how it goes in the comments below!