How to Be One of Those Annoying Happy and Grateful People (Mothering Matters)

How to Be One of Those Annoying Happy and Grateful People (Mothering Matters)

This appeared in Mothering Matters February 2016 Edition.
An extract is below, please goto the Mothering Matters Website for the full article

“Have you noticed how happy people are naturally grateful? How they can survey their lives and find so much joy in the little corners of their world? And how incredibly annoying they are when you yourself are not feeling happy?

We now have fantastic scientific studies that show the positive benefits of “an attitude of gratitude.” Research by, among others, Emmons (check out his book “Thanks!”) and happiness expert Sonja Lyubomirsky have shown that practicing gratitude is one of THE most reliable methods for increasing happiness and life satisfaction, and it boosts feelings of optimism, joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, and many other positive emotions whilst reducing anxiety and depression. Many parents I work with would nod their heads sagely about how important gratitude is in their lives, yet time and time again, I would realise that they were sinking down in misconceptions and misunderstandings about the nature of gratitude. The result despite all the studies? Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Nil.”………………..

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