Ich bin eine Hausfrau (Suddenly becoming a stay at home mom).

Ich bin eine Hausfrau (Suddenly becoming a stay at home mom).

Ich bin eine Hausfrau: I am a stay at home mom/mum.

During a recent girly night out, we started talking about our roles as Hausfraus (stay at home moms) in Switzerland. Many of us did not expect that if we were….
1. Female
2. With child
3. Without work

…..we would, by all official bodies and on all official papers, be classified as a Hausfrau. This often comes as a shock, and the system of schooling here, simply reinforces this (school lunch breaks, half days and staggered start times). But this is not a blog post that rants about the system, education or the role of women (all valid discussions). This is a blog about something else entirely: how the transition to Hausfrau/ Stay at Home Mom can take a egg whisk to a mother’s idea of who she is and her role in the world.

We start to disappear, as the things we used to navigate in the world, such as our careers come under question. This can leave us feeling disorientated, frustrated, depressed and not feeling “ourselves” as we start to question who “I” is amongst the nappies and school timetables.

I was recently interviewed on this: “The amazing disappearing mom: losing yourself in parenting“. You can listen to the recording here, where I talk about how, instead of this being a time of limited choices, it is a time of discovering your limitless potential:


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