I’m sorry

Missy M and I had a bit of a fight this morning. The only way I got her out the front door was under my arm. She was screaming that she wanted a pretty t-shirt. I was answering that it was 5 degrees outside and her Kindergarten would be spending time in the woods today.

End of.

Only it wasn’t.

I hadn’t spent the time listening properly. To be fair, there is so little time in the mornings. But still, I heard the words but not the meaning.

Only later in the morning did it suddenly hit me. She wanted nice clothes UNDER her snow coat and trousers. They wouldn’t get muddy and it was a perfectly reasonable request. I didn’t hear it, I only thought I heard. I got attached to my side of the argument (“child: you are being ridiculous, let’s get to Kindergarten”) and locked into my thinking. It was only a few hours later, when my thinking had cleared, that I had a sudden insight into the incident. Opps.

The only thing I could do was collect Missy M from Kindergarten, get down to her eye level, and unequivocally apologise. My bad. I didn’t listen. Next time you can wear whatever you like under the outdoor gear. Mea culpa.

When was the last time you said sorry to your child? When was the last time you knew it was time to say sorry, but didn’t? Let go of any ideas that we, as parents, need to be right and can’t screw up. We do. It’s OK. Say sorry and move on. Be fallible. Be beautiful. Be ugly. Be human.



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