Is Gratitude boasting?

Is Gratitude boasting?

You may not know that I’ve just come back from Thailand. Why didn’t I tell you this? Why was my Instagram account not flooded with beach images and me doing a yoga backbend on the shoreline as the sun sets?

Why? I was caught up in my thinking about Gratitude.

I knew that as I was experiencing 40 degree heat, Europe was struggling to lift itself out of Winter/Spring. Any beautiful sun filled photographs would surely rub it in.

I was afraid. I was afraid to upset people. I was afraid to remind them of their lack of sun in comparison to my over abundance of the hot stuff.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, people wanted to see the beach, the sea and endless blue skies. Where are the photos Tammy? Where are the bare feet in the sand? Why are you hiding?

I am learning all the time about Gratitude. I am learning not to limit myself, to turn down the light of my experience. I was overflowing with gratitude in Thailand: the beach was gorgeous, the sea was perfect and the sky was blue (and the cocktails flowed!).

In the future, if I am grateful, if I am happy, I am not going to turn the volume down on my experience through fear of offending or upsetting anyone. It is OK to be happy! I cannot predict what thinking people are going to have about me: it is none of my business. My only job is to show up in the world 100%.

Are you afraid that if you sound grateful, it will seem like boasting? Are you turning the volume down on your ‘happy’ to please others?

What if, by openly being grateful and sharing with the world, we could increase people’s gratitude rather than limit it? What if, whatever we have to show is just perfect as it is? Everything else is personal thinking!

So just be.

Be it on a beach or under a cloud on a rainy European day.

In Gratitude


…and if your life is truly missing some yoga at sunset ……here you go ….the wonderful JP Sears