Is it time to worry?

Is it time to worry?

20130108-191148.jpgMissy M bought a drawing home today. A picture of mummy and daddy. Mummy has a giant frown on her face.

“Why is Mummy grumpy?”

Oh my goodness! What did I do today that made her think I was so grumpy? Is that what she thinks of me? I thought that I had change my life around? I disappeared into a fog of insecurity and doubt.

Then a little voice said: “no mummy, there just wasn’t enough room to draw a smile!”

How many times do we interpret situations and interpret our children, and be so far off base? Our thinking leads us down make believe roads, that create anxiety and stress. Why go there at all? We are so busy interpreting and putting meaning on the world that miss what is right in front of us.



If you are wondering why I am writing so much at the moment, I am getting my creative juices flowing in 2013 with the Ultimate Blog Challenge Yup, this means January will be a crazy busy!

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  1. Very good post. I will be dealing with a few of these issues as well..


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