Leading a Merry Dance (Mothering Matters)

Leading a Merry Dance (Mothering Matters)

Here’s a sneaky peek at the Christmas edition of my latest column for Mothering Matters:

Leading a Merry Dance: an Expats’ Guide to Christmas

“There are many shoulds that are wrapped around the Christmas holidays like glitzy, cheap wrapping paper. Most of us have grown up with these cultural expectations for what the Christmas holidays “should” consist of, and we struggle to put together the magical ingredients for the “perfect” Christmas holidays. Each family and each culture has its own traditions, own recipes, etc., for achieving this goal. These range from the cute and jolly to the downright eccentric.

Striving for a perfect Christmas experience is often at the root of all of our Christmas stress. As expats, we place extra pressure on ourselves at this time of year and then we wonder why we are not Merry!”

Read more over at Mother Matters magazine…….

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