Lessons from Shadow Art

Lessons from Shadow Art

It has been a mellow morning, helped along by a blast of excellent weather that makes everything look so good. On the way back from Kindergarten this morning, we stopped to draw around the shadows that the trees were casting onto the pavement. As I was creating a particularly funky bit of abstract street art, all sorts of insights came to mind that I wanted to share:


1.  Life is ever changing

As I drew around the leaves, the wind would rustle them, and rearrange them into new and intricate patterns.

We think that our world is so stable, when at its heart, it is always in flux, being arranged and re-arranged by an intelligence far greater than our own.


2. We are constantly trying to capture moments

The serious of little blobs I was creating with chalk (out of the photo), were only relevant for a few seconds. They captured a moment, then that moment changed. The same is with our thinking – it is constant and ever changing, yet we try to capture it, examine it, and make meaning of it, rather than let it blow away in the wind.


3. There is no one way of doing anything

Missy M traced around a huge leaf and created a multi-coloured flower from the outline. Then she fretted that it was not “correct”. She had created art. Our lives are art – an interpretation of the moment – it is never correct as it is impossible to be so. Our parenting can never be correct, nor can our careers or our bodies (did I miss another major worry point?!), so worrying and thinking about them all the time is such a waste.

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