Namaste and Insight

Namaste and Insight

I had a rather wonderful Skype conversation with Jos Wielink, where he innocently said something that transformed my thinking about Insights and the 3 Principles:

(*health warning – this all makes sense to me, but I have no idea if it will translate into something understandable for you – but if you are up for the ride – please continue………)


All Insights are One Insight.

All insights are a glimpse of the truth of the universe; the oneness of all. If all insights come from, and in turn, are looking upon the oneness, all insights are also, one.

If this is getting too abstract, let’s make this more in the here and now

(although this is so far in the now, and the truth, that it can actually be too clear to see! Oh the irony of the metaphysical!).

I might have an insight about the nature of my love of chocolate; or how to approach my friend; or what form my Christmas workshop will take; or the way I can tell stories in my mind about the simplest of chores which creates stress for me. These insights are about different things relating to different areas of my life. Some are deep and philosophical, some are practical. They all come from, what we in the 3 Principles call, ’Mind’: the creative intelligence behind life, the oneness and interconnectedness that is life. Some call this energy ’god’, others call it the Great Spirit, others the Oneness – there are so many words to point to the same wondrous thing (that isn’t a thing!).

Insights are tiny, tiny fragments of the universal Mind, like looking into a Kaleidoscope. They are colourful glimpses into the oneness of the universe, but they all are interpretations of one reality. They may seem ordinary or even mundane, but they are everyday reminders of the true reality of the universe.

Part of our lovely conversation revolved around this understanding of the Sanskrit word Namaste, and may help point to what I can only begin to point to, as frustratingly, words are such blunt instruments when it comes to truth and the nature of who we are:

I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth and of peace. And when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.
– Bill Cummings

So in that space, which we all inhabit, yet are so often unaware of, I wish you a wonderful day. If you want to explore these themes further, and discuss how understanding the way we work, as humans, can cut through stress and dynamically improve your quality of life, contact me for a free consultation.


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