Sleepless in St Gallen, Switzerland

Sleepless in St Gallen, Switzerland

There appeared to be a conspiracy last night to keep sleep from me. By 1.30am I had switched bedrooms to escape the sleep-talking husband’s nocturnal adventures, only to be woken at 3.30am by Missy M’s screams that her toy dog (an actual toy, rather than a tiny dog that looks like a toy) had fallen out of bed. This peaceful parent informed said child of the known chart of relevant things to awaken parents for:

1. Complicated midnight toilet manoeuvres
2. Running out of drink (night time bar staff that we are)
3. Heeby Jeeby nightmares that require cuddles that make the monsters disappear
4. Falling out of bed

And that is all.
End of.
Go. To. Sleep.

(Insert brief cuddle here and shuffle back to where on earth I had laid out my duvet).

Today I shall fulfil the Zombie Mum role. ‘Tis my destiny (apparently) and I shall try to remember this, understanding I am operating at limited capacity, and not take my mood or observations too seriously today.



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  1. Hi Tammy! This was a fun read that many parents can relate too! My daughter is 9 abd sleeps well through the night. A fee years ago she did fall out if the bed once. Here’s to not taking ourselves to seriously:-)

    • We are mostly (she says touching wood) out of the worse of the sleep problems now, but very now and again we get a doozy of a night!

  2. I wish I could blame my sleepless nights on the children, but now that they are long gone out of the house, I only have myself to blame for lying in bed wide awake at night for hours on end with a brain which will not turn off! Last night, thankfully, was my first full night’s sleep in weeks.

    • Congratulations on a good night! I have high hopes for a good night tonight.

      When you say that you cannot turn off your brain, have you tried observing your thoughts when you are in bed, but not engaging in them? That is to say, when you have a thought, try not to have a discussion with yourself about it. Just acknowledge it and not engage. your brain will then try to throw reminders or to-dos at you, to become “useful” – write them down if you must, but don’t add to the thinking. Your thinking will start to slow down and the grip it has on you will loosen….and you will drift off…….


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