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“My coaching talks with Tammy flow naturally from laughter into tears and back again. I keep coming back to her at hard times, she helps me find my own way of being more self aware, and feeling more safe and secure, in the overwhelming experience of being a new mother.
– L.H –

I appreciate now and appreciated then your kind and insightful counsel.  While I had read about and considered much of the work around “mindfulness”, I hadn’t really seen how it would benefit me.  Our work helped me see how I could benefit from being in the moment.

– S, Schaffhausen –

I can’t tell you what an amazing different relationship I’m having with my children… its lighter more fun…… when I feel the anger energy / frustration rising in my tummy I use it as an indicator and just breathe deeply and pause … and just being with them is the most important thing in the world, not toys, Disney trips, activities galore, playdates, they have their own wisdom and my only job is to point them to that,…thank you thank you thank you!!

Miss talking to you 🙂

Love L x

It is a blessing to work with Tammy. She’s a lovely mentor and offers a firm grounding in how life works. Since we started working together, I’ve come to a deeper sense of peace and freedom.

My understanding of the three principles seems to evolve at a whole different level than before I started working with her.

She has these gentle and fluent way of working that allow for a feeling of flow to emerge in our conversation. She can also be very thorough and doesn’t hesitate to uncover the more sensitive matters. It’s not only my personal life that has changed for the better, my professional life as a Transformative Life and Business Coach has now reached a new level. I find myself working in a different way with clients that seem to have a bigger impact on their lives. My business is moving towards unexplored territories and for some reason, I’m not as scared and insecure about that as I would have been before working with Tammy. In general, life looks even brighter than I experienced before.

Jos Wielink, Transformative Coach

May I just say that Tammy Furey is an awesome practitioner to talk with.

I sometimes think that, as a practitioner, I should “never get up in my head” – of course that’s not true and, as every other human being on earth, I still get up in my head. In recent weeks, I’ve had some underlying thinking going on and, I would just like to say for the record, that Tammy was wonderful this evening in allowing me a space to see what that underlying thinking has been and where it’s been taking me and also for me to gain some clarity, not with regards to any particular situation, but actual clarity around what’s going on in my head, subsequently giving me more ease and calm…


Rach xxx

Rachel Norwood

What I lovvvvved (still do) about you is your calming and soothing Energy…your spirit and connection that you can relate to individuals for having gone through a difficulty. This understanding was so important and valuable for me, because it gave that “human touch” and made me comfortable to reach out to you. You have a very open heart and that is what attracted me to connect with you. I find this characteristic so valuable and so human and you extend yourself passionately with a genuine willingness to help…and your humor was always much appreciated. I loved that about your voice in your emails…partly loving, partly gentle, but then using humor at the right moment of need. 🙂

W.F, Zurich

I had a session with Tammy when I felt really out of sorts. For 2 weeks I had been struggling with inner turmoil. I’m a coach myself so I know when someone is trying to mould their “thing” onto me. Working with Tammy is different. She’s genuine and empathetic and she can really listen. Thanks to her expert help I found my peace again in only 1 hour. I wholeheartedly recommended you to discover her magic for yourself.

Evelyne Brink. Author of the Artrepreneur. Financial success for Artistic Souls.

Tammy’s voice is so soothing it will lull you to a meditative, quiet space….Zuri Girl found Tammy to be an extremely talented, inspirational and deeply healing professional. We were impressed that she donates 10% of all coaching and workshop fees directly to Hope of House Charity

My Girlfriend's Guide to Zurich

I had the pleasure of being coached by Tammy…. I found the combination of support, enthusiasm, challenge and insight that she brought to her coaching style was incredibly helpful. I have made some substantial shifts in my behaviour as a result of this intervention. I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach to anyone.

Clare, International Consultant

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I was feeling absolutely exhausted and desperate for some tools to handle the situation at home. To be a stay-at-home mom to a 3- and 5 year old, trying to start up a business and keep the household together was driving me towards a full blown burnout! Tammy stepped in, took my hand leaving me feeling listened to, seen and validated in my situation and in my feelings. Tammy is a very experienced, trustworthy, and highly knowledgeable coach and I can warmly recommend her to any parent

K, Zurich

Tammy gave an informative and insightful Peaceful Parenting workshop for Curious Courses. She has a brilliant sense of humour, she used appropriate examples and gave practical advice and tips on how to incorporate practices into every day life with children and adults alike. In particular, her Don’t PANIC system serves as a good reminder on how we can build a stronger connection with our children and partners. It was great fun working with her and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Curious Courses

This is far more simple and elegant than I expected and far more gentle

T, Bristol

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