Tooth Fairy

Mummy, mummy it came out! It came out! Looooooooooook!!!!!

Last night was my first gig as the Tooth Fairy. All did not go to plan.

Milk teeth are small. Amazingly small in fact. The first thought I had was: how I am going to find that little thing, under a pillow, in the dark? I need not have worried however, as she lost it before then!

So the joy of an imminent visit from the Tooth fairy suddenly changed into floods of tears and screaming. My thinking joins the party and swings from “how could she be so careless” to “she was so happy, and now look at her; my heart is breaking”. In the meantime, I spend an hour, on my hands and knees combing through her room for the precious tooth. Not the glamorous life of a Tooth Fairy I had envisioned. My thinking is leading my mood into a very grumpy place.

In the meantime, my daughter has bounced back! She grabbed colouring pencils and paper and, with daddy’s help, wrote a beautiful letter to the Tooth Fairy, explaining the lost tooth and asking for help. She even drew a little picture as a present.

photo (4)


Seeing the amazing resiliency of children, and how fast they bounce back and return to clarity (enough to come up with an action plan with sparkles!), I realized my thinking made no sense at all. My black mood was unbecoming of a Tooth Fairy. I surrendered to the weirdness of the moment, and dropped my obsessional thinking about the tooth.

Missy M was put to bed, and she drifted off to sleep thinking of sparkly Tooth Fairies. I staggered into the kitchen with dusty knees, shaking my head at the day. Then I noticed something digging into the bottom of my foot……yup…… the teeny tiny tooth! I woke Missy M to tell her that her wish had come true: the Tooth Fairy had found her tooth, just as she had asked!


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