Top 5 reasons why being a tired parent is cool

Top 5 reasons why being a tired parent is cool

Written at the end of a week with hubby travelling away, it occurred to me that being a tired parent is cool.
1. You simplify

You have finite levels of energy and a lot to do.The only answer is to simply what you are doing; do the bare minimum and no more. You discover the universe did not fall apart, everyone is safe and your head did not, contrary to previous opinion, explode.


2. You cut through the crap

You may get a little crazy when tired but you can also see through the BS and see what is important: it’s a survival instinct (see point 1). What is important becomes clear and you can become a ninja warrior and cut through the noise to the heart of the matter. The trick is to remember what you have learnt when you finally do get a good nights sleep and/or much deserved rest.


3. You learn that you are a slight nutter when tired.

You do weird things and think the strangest thoughts. When you realize you are a slight nutter you start to do Point 1 and it all turns out ok.


4. You don’t do the BIG stuff

Have you noticed that when you try to think about the BIG decisions and situations when tired, either nightmare scenarios come to mind or your brain fizzles out and refuses to think? Yup, your quality of thinking is low and you are being told as such. Listen to the warning signs in your mind and know that you are indeed a tired nutter see (point 3) and you will back away from the BIG decisions. We all know these are done much better with a straight and clear head. Not now.


5.You can handle more than you think.

If I had told you that you would be this tired, for this long, and have to handle all this stuff, you would have told me that is impossible. I have clients who didn’t think they could survive situations with their children. They did. We do. It’s blinking amazing. We are capable of so much more than we think we are. We create crazy situations in our minds where it all goes to hell in a hand cart. Yet, reality is so much kinder and we come out the other side not quite believing we are in one piece.

You are amazing.

That is all.

(Written at the end of a week with hubby travelling away…)

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