3 Principles Mentoring

  • Have you watched all the webinars, read all the books, listened to the podcasts, hung out with Google Hangouts?
  • Feel that you have an understanding of the 3 Principles, but some areas of your life are still stubbornly looking like outside-in?
  • Do you know that your understanding could be so much deeper, but it seems so elusive?
  • Do you live far far from the 3 Principles communities and groups?
  • Would you like to talk to someone, directly, who can help you explore what the Principles means to YOUR life?

TestimonialI have to say that I adore the mentoring and supervision process; watching fellow practitioner’s understanding deepen and their lives, and practices change. I know what it is like to be living so far from some of the wonderful groups that are growing worldwide, and not being able to talk to anyone about this amazing understanding. My own understanding and practice drastically changed when I took on a mentor a few years ago to help me see what I was missing, and now I offer this service to fellow practitioners and those who are exploring the Principles. If you would like the support that a mentor can give, please contact me so we can talk!

It is a blessing to work with Tammy. She’s a lovely mentor and offers a firm grounding in how life works. Since we started working together, I’ve come to a deeper sense of peace and freedom. My understanding of the three principles seems to evolve at a whole different level than before I started working with her. She has these gentle and fluent way of working that allow for a feeling of flow to emerge in our conversation. She can also be very thorough and doesn’t hesitate to uncover the more sensitive matters. It’s not only my personal life that has changed for the better, my professional life as a Transformative Life and Business Coach has now reached a new level. I find myself working in a different way with clients that seem to have a bigger impact on their lives. My business is moving towards unexplored territories and for some reason, I’m not as scared and insecure about that as I would have been before working with Tammy. In general, life looks even brighter than I experienced before.

Jos Wielink, Transformative Coach

May I just say that Tammy Furey is an awesome practitioner to talk with. I sometimes think that, as a practitioner, I should “never get up in my head” – of course that’s not true and, as every other human being on earth, I still get up in my head. In recent weeks, I’ve had some underlying thinking going on and, I would just like to say for the record, that Tammy was wonderful this evening in allowing me a space to see what that underlying thinking has been and where it’s been taking me and also for me to gain some clarity, not with regards to any particular situation, but actual clarity around what’s going on in my head, subsequently giving me more ease and calm… Rach xxx

Rachel Norwood

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