A Valentine’s Day KISS

A Valentine’s Day KISS

K.I.S.S: Keep it simple sweetheart!

The 3 Principles is the name given to a realization of a beautiful man called Sydney Banks in the 1970s. He realized that the whole of human existence was explained by the 3 simple principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

Even this is too complex.

Keep it simple sweetheart.

Thought creates feelings.

The whole complexity of life, the whole noisy, chaotic mess looks like it is continuously pushing our buttons.

Not so.

Keep it simple sweetheart.

Our thinking about the outside world creates our beautiful, multiple coloured emotions. When we buy into the whole drama, we act on these emotions and blame, judge, shout and mutter our way through life.

Keep it simple sweetheart.

What lies behind the Thoughts? In that space what remains? Everything Remains. We discover who we truly are: that we are all part of the whole, of the One, the Universal Mind. We experience separation through the amazing power of Thought. Consciousness, the mere act of being alive, brings Thought to life for us, weaving how we see and experience the world.

Keep it simple sweetheart

Life is the reality behind our thinking not the contents of our thinking.

We are One.




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