What’s beneath the desk?

20130103-120217.jpgLast night I was interviewed on Skype. It is still the school holidays here, so I had had a day of swimming (or rather splashing and floating), shopping, Disney films and many buses. By 8pm I was looking a little bedraggled to stay the least. I had ten minutes to drag a brush through my hair and apply a lot of foundation. I threw a smart shirt on, attempted to fire up my brain, and went live on Skype. Under the desk was another story: sloppy cream cords and slippers.

This got me thinking about how much we have to hide from the world as parents. We may have our business bags, but little pieces of our parenthood fall out: the drawings, the hair bands and slides, sometimes the odd toy or snack. We try to walk in two worlds whilst fighting to stay sane and focused on the right thing at the right time.

Most people only see what is above the desk – the make-up, hair and smile but few know that we are only just keeping it all together. In our comfortable slippers and with a pint glass of water off camera.

What’s beneath your parental “desk”?

And if you are interested in the video – here it is!

Interview with Tammy Furey – Peaceful Parenting – Communication Conundrum from Curious Courses. For more about the course in Zurich, goto the Curious Courses website for more details

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    • It was fun actually! Thank you for being such a star and giving up your evening too! So what was beneath your desk 😉

  1. So true!! I laughed out loud (for reals) on this one:)

    • :-))


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